15 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas


15 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas (5)

Filling that Easter basket can be difficult, as we try to come up with creative ideas and not load it up with sweets. Our team has come together to create a list of 15 non-candy items to fill your Easter basket!

1. Spring toys

Spring is coming and Easter is the perfect time to buy those toys that you would already be looking to get. Some ideas are a kite, rain boots, an umbrella, gardening tools, and sand toys.

2. Art supplies

Art supplies can bring loads of fun! Think markers, crayons, paints, and more.

3. Healthy Snacks

Switch up some of the candy for healthy snacks! Yogurt covered raisins, Annie’s bunny snacks, fruit leather, granola, and pouches are all good ideas. Or you can go with a traditional easter snack of carrots!


4. Books, Coloring books

Go with an Easter themed book or coloring book, or choose one that is a favorite amongst your family. Here are a few book ideas by age that Sandra shared awhile back.

5. Summer items

Fill up that basket with fun summer toys and items! Some ideas include a cute swimsuit, sunglasses, sand toys, and a beach towel.


6. Bubbles

A classic sure to bring loads of fun! Spice things up with some colored bubbles or a bubble gun!

7. Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is an instant hit and can bring hours of fun for kids. You can also include some regular chalk with a mini chalkboard for some more fun!

8. Stuffed animals

The classic tends to be a stuff bunny, but change things up with a stuffed chick or another animal that your child loves!

9. Plates, cups, and utensils

I’m a sucker for cute plates for my kiddos, and they are loving the divided plates right now. I personally love Re-play Recycled’s plates, cups and utensils and they have some great spring colors that would be perfect for any Easter basket!


10. A movie

Pick a family favorite or a new release. A fun tradition would be to watch the movie as a family after opening the Easter baskets!

11. Stickers, Tattoos

Stickers and tattoos are perfect for little ones. My daughter will literally cover herself in both (and maybe my furniture too).

12. Play-doh, cookie cutters

Find some play-doh in fun spring colors and throw in a couple of cookie cutters for some play-doh fun!

13. Clothes and accessories

How about a cute outfit? Or maybe some hair bows or headbands? I’ve also seen a cute idea for a bow tie for little boys.


14. Seed starter kit

This is the perfect spring gift and let’s your kids have some hands on fun as they plant their seeds!

seed starter kit

15. Small Toys

Finish off an easter basket with some fun small toys! Some ideas are a jump rope, slinky, rubber ducky bath toy, marbles, small cars, and puzzles.

We hope this list helps you fill your Easter baskets with fun!


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