20 Reasons Why I Know I Am Girl Mom!


I feel the need to start this off with a little disclaimer: this is what happens in my home for my girls but may not be your experience.

My girls are deep into barbies, babies, makeup, and all thinks sparkly.  I didn’t push them this way, it was their choice and I would have been just as supportive of them playing with action figures and mud if that was what they were into.  But they aren’t so I don’t apologize for having “girly” girls.  You may be the mother of boys and be reading this thinking that your son fits in well here.  Great!  You may be the mother of girls and think your daughter does not fit in here.  Perfect! All kids are different and this is what my girls have shown me about what being a girl mom is about for us.  So, if your still with me, read on . . .

When the ultrasound technician told me that I was having a third girl I was overwhelmed and started to cry. Now don’t assume it was because I wanted a boy, oh no, I was crying because I was beyond ecstatic that I was having another girl! I never pictured myself to be the mother of boys; it just wasn’t in the cards for my husband and I.

And even now I would not trade my world full of pink, princesses, and all things sparkly for anything!

I get that not all little girls are super “girly” but I think that the majority of little girls out there are more into dress up and Fancy Nancy over Tonka Trucks and Sponge Bob. I know in my home that we live in a world of, as I have coined it, “bubble gum and sunshine.” In honor of the fabulous world I’m living in, here are my top 20 reasons why I know I am a girl mom.  Girl moms out there: raise up your sparkly wands if any of these apply to you!

1} Glitter, glitter, and more glitter. It’s a permanent staple to your home décor. It’s in the washing machine, on the couch, in your hair, it’s everywhere!

2} When someone talks about walking on legos with bare feet you don’t even cringe because you know what its like to step on a loose Barbie shoe and it’s far worse.

3} You know that if a dress doesn’t have enough “twirl” it can be a deal breaker for ever wearing it again.

4} You have borrowed some of your 7 year old’s makeup.

5} You know all the words to every Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor song (and you sing them, loud).

6} You have pre-planned out parking at the mall just to avoid going anywhere near Claire’s.

7} Your child has planned out her birthday parties for the next 3 years with theme, color scheme, activities, and guest list already set.

8} You can go through a box of tissues a day because sometimes there really are that many tears.

9} Your kid could win an Oscar for that performance she just pulled to get what she wants.

10} Your husband has had his nails and toenails painted more than once as well as a full facial and makeup application done.

Daddy getting his make up done!
Daddy getting his make up done!

11} A tantrum has been thrown over any of the following: hair, clothing, or shoes.

12} You’ve been driving for about 20 minutes singing along to the Frozen soundtrack but there are no kids in the car. Oh, and you know all of the words.

13} You have spent more money on American Girl dolls, clothing, and accessories than you have on your entire wardrobe.

14} There are enough craft supplies and art materials in your home to stock a preschool for about a year.

15} Every day is a show. Performances can happen at any time as long as someone is willing to watch.

16} All of the purses you had in your closet are now taking up residency on your child’s bed post, filled with fake cell phones and chapstick of course.

17} Tutus, tiaras, wands, and costume jewelry are not just for dress up; they are also for grocery shopping and trips to Walmart.

18} Your 6 year old has a more bustling social life than your own.

19} You can name every Disney Princess, recite lines from the movies, and quite possibly sing along with any song off a Disney soundtrack.

20} You have seen the end of the world and it was caused by not being invited to a classmates birthday party or sleepover (cue the tissues).

Most of all you are focused on raising the next generation of strong willed, determined, independent, and successful females.

You want her to stand up for what she believes in and never use the word “can’t” when speaking about what she is capable of. Yesterday one of my girls said I was the queen (naturally because they are the princesses), and even though queen sounds kind of nice, momma to my girls is all I need to be!

All my other girl moms out there, what can you add?!



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