Guide to Vermont Schools for Young Learners


Vermont Mom’s Guide to Vermont Schools for Young Learners – the best place to start researching Vermont preschools for your little ones.

We love our kids and worry about them endlessly – preschool is just another choice to research, dissect, play-out, and do it all again. To help parents in their quest for early learning we have put together this wonderful magazine of Vermont preschools.

Click to view our 2021 Preschool Guide magazine!

2020 & 2021 are proving to challenge parenthood in ways we never knew possible! We hope this guide helps to inform you about the many preschool choices Vermont has for your family. Whether you have been staying at home and working remotely – or full time and need to transition from daycare to preschool we’ve got you covered. Schools are just one step to getting back to normal. However, concerns are limitless. Here are just a few links that can help you be well informed and answer the barrage of what-ifs:

Afraid of the COVID-19 Vaccine? Let a Doctor Answer Your Questions!

Taking a COVID Vacation Helped Me Find Perspective

Distance Learning for Preschoolers: What Does My Child Really Need?

Thanks to our sponsor, The Bellwether School, a loving and progressive learning center for all children!

You don’t see your favorite preschool? Let us know and we will reach out! Shoot us an email at

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