Originally from upstate New York, I moved to Vermont with my husband after we got married almost 10 years ago! I hold a Masters degree in speech-language pathology and, over the last five years, I have experienced life as a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, and a stay-at-home mom to two young children. These days, I play the role of 'stay-at-home mom' and spend my time chauffeuring my older child to and from preschool, chasing my younger child around, reading books to my kids, and seeking out any activity that will get us out of the house.
Happy Dog

Adopting a Dog During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Up until now, I’ve never owned a dog.  When we got married, my husband and I talked about adopting a dog, but it was never the right time. First, we lived in a tiny condo...

Teacher Appreciation Week: It’s Even More Important These Days

The first week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week across the country. Pandemic or not, I feel we need to take the time to thank our children’s teachers despite all of the...
preschooler doing distance learning

Distance Learning for Preschoolers: What Does My Child Really Need?

With the current shutdown of schools, including preschools, in Vermont for the remainder of the year, I’ve seen many parents say, “I know what to do with my 2nd grader, but I need ideas about what...

I Want to Take a Social Media Break. I Just Can’t Right Now

I am mentally exhausted from all the COVID-19 news, discussion, and debate. I want to take a social media break. I just don’t think I can leave it right now. Over the last week, we’ve all...
child with adult touching a screen at a museum

Experience Gifts for the Holidays: Shop Local and Beyond

One of the most popular gift trends for birthdays and the holidays appears to be experience gifts. For those unfamiliar with the term, “experience gifts” refers to giving family and friends the gift of an...
Holiday health goals featured image

Health Goals: How I Plan To Stick To Mine Over the Holidays

A few months ago, I stepped on the scale at my yearly check-up. I noticed that the number on the scale was about 25 lbs more than it had been the last time I...

Vermont Christmas Tree Roundup: Where You Can Buy the Best Tree

Are you new to Vermont and wondering where to get a freshly-cut Christmas tree this year? Or maybe just a live one, even if it is pre-cut? Or maybe you have always had an...
motivated female athlete

Building Motivation: Developing My Kids’ Appreciation for Achievement

If there is one quality I want my children to have, it is a sense of motivation. I want my kids to know the value of hard work and how it will help them reach...

The Ultimate Guide to Vermont Fall Fun: What You Don’t Want to Miss

Each September, when school starts again and subtle hints of fall creep into the air, I get the itch to start filling my weekends with fall activities. Vermont fall offers countless options for seasonal enjoyment....
sleeping boy

Pediatric Migraines: My Son’s Experience and What I Have Learned

I never predicted that my 7 year-old son would experience pediatric migraines. Pediatric migraines are not something moms typically talk about, right? I do not suffer from migraines. Even though my husband does, he didn't...
boys excitedly playing

Speech Development in Children: Information From an SLP Mom

The month of May has rolled around yet again; it’s Better Speech and Hearing Month. Part of my role as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is to promote awareness of speech development delays and disorders...

Playdates and Why I Am Terrible at Hosting Them

Parenting confession #456,789: I am really bad about setting up playdates at my house for my kids. I’ve been bad about this for the last seven years, or the length of time I have been...
Baby on Laptop

The Vermont Infants In the Workplace Program: Taking our Babies to Work

On January 31, 2019, Vermont Governor Phil Scott, along with Susanne Young (Secretary of Administration) and Beth Fastiggi (Human Resources Commissioner) announced the new Infants in the Workplace program, which took effect February 1st. Even...
Mom taking care of her baby.

Finding a Parent-Friendly Job and Work-Life Balance

When I started working as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in New York in 2006, I was working long days, from about 7:45AM, until anywhere from 4 to 6PM. I had to travel between clients,...