Andrea Parikh

Andrea moved from Connecticut to Burlington ten years ago after falling in love with a native Vermonter, and Vermont, and never looked back. The former city girl now resides in a small mountain town with her amazing husband, two tiny bosses, and one equally imperious pup. When she's not busy creating healthy(ish) treats for her family and friends, you can find her swimming, doing yoga, reading, or hiking. Andrea loves to connect people with other people by creating community-building events and hosting social gatherings. Getting outdoors is what keeps her sane, along with practicing mindfulness and jumping into ice-cold water.
WOman plugging a sleeping man's nose

Why I Don’t Sleep With My Husband

Before having children, I could have slept through a tornado. After our two beautiful daughters arrived, the sound of his slippers hitting the floor as he crawled into bed jolted me awake like a...

Vermont Ice Baths: The Cold that Refreshes My Soul

Girl, you are crazy! That is the reaction I get when a friend or family member learns about my new hobby. “You seriously go into freezing water... in the middle of winter in Vermont... for...