Annie Cooper

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I have lived in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Connecticut, Maryland and Vermont. Vermont is where my heart is and I’ve lived here for a total of 16 years. My current town is the stuff my childhood dreams were made of and I can’t believe I get to live here. The people. The place. The manner and heart and heartiness. I love it here. I recently turned 50 years old and am very excited and proud of this new chapter in my life. I am a very single Mom to three incredible human beings, 21, 19 and, 16. It’s an honor and a privilege to be writing amidst the remarkable talent of the moms within this blog family.


My father came to visit us when I was pregnant with my third child. Fall of 1999. We lived in a one bedroom basement apartment in Essex. When he came to visit, we were short on...

I’m Not Sorry, Anymore.

I've been so sorry. So very sorry. So very responsible. So very sorry. To my children, mainly. For not giving them the perfect life I'd planned for them. For not being the perfect parent I'd planned on...

A River Doesn’t Run Through It

A few days before my youngest son’s second birthday, in 1998, we moved to Southern Africa. We’d been feeling cold and were facing some hard times in Vermont and felt the need for a big...

The Music of My Children

Yesterday, sitting in my warm car with my youngest child, I was truly shocked. Shocked by the fact of only one child in my car. Shocked by the fact that there were not two others in...

Finding the Profound.

There's this hidden gem of profound interaction. At the most unexpected of places. A Weight Watchers meeting. In Williston. On Sunday mornings. A cold, hard, fact: I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member. I lost over 72 pounds, after the...

Middle School

A few years ago, I was asked to help run a swim curriculum for the local middle school. One where my own daughter was in eighth grade. A school I was very familiar with,...

Parenting from a Broken Place

For a number of years, I parented from a very broken place. (I never realized the time was going by and that I couldn't get it back.) I was broken. Not just kind of broken. Busted broken. And yet...

I Just Turned 50.

I just turned 50. In my body, I move like I am 20. In my mind, I think like I am 20. In my heart, I love like I am 20. The best part about being 50 is...