Ashley DiMercurio

Ashley DiMercurio
Ashley was born and raised in Vermont and now lives in Colchester with her two children and husband. After getting married, she spent four years living outside DC to gain work and life experience, as well as perspective and a renewed love for her home state of Vermont. She is highly caffeinated and runs her own online reading tutoring business Your Reading Tutor and teaches ESOL online to students in China. She recently made the decision to homeschool and is loving the opportunity for a flexible learning environment for her kids. Her favorite things to do include making fairy houses with her kids, drinking coffee with her husband, and networking with other moms and entrepreneurs.
Pandemic Confessions from the VT Moms You Know and Love

Pandemic Confessions from the VT Moms You Know and Love

I think we can agree that our new coronavirus-inspired lifestyle has been less than fun and has likely been filled with many ups and downs. Today, I want to lighten the mood and share...

Homeschooling in Vermont: The Hows, Whens, and Whys to Get Started

My family is starting to plan for our third year of homeschooling in Vermont. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it looks like many Vermont families will be joining the ranks of homeschoolers this fall....

The Great and Venerable Halloween Switch Witch. Which Side Are You On?

There’s a debate going on among moms - whether or not to use the Switch Witch this Halloween. The Switch Witch sounds pretty perfect. On Halloween, your children put their candy outside their bedroom and...
boy playing with alphabet letters while sitting in the bath

Foolproof Bath Bombs You Can Make with Your Kids

My daughter is currently obsessed with bath bombs. A simple offer of a bath bomb with her bath can turn any bath time tantrum around. I get it! If I took baths, I’d like them...

Making New Mom Friends in a New Town

It’s hard enough to make friends as an adult, but making new mom friends in a new town feels near impossible. A lot of us long for that magical tight-knit group of moms to...

Five Bristol VT Hidden Gems Worth Getting to Know Today!

Have you ever been to place in Vermont and thought to yourself, “How did I not know about this?” After making Bristol our new hometown recently, I’ve had that thought many times. Here are...
plastic easter eggs on grass

Celebrating with the Family: What’s in Our Easter Basket?

Can we talk about Easter? My children are 3 and 6 and we celebrate Easter as a family. This is a holiday I both love and hate. I celebrate the religious holiday which is...

Child Safety Harness, Leash Backpack, or Tether… Call it What You Will, I Have...

A child safety harness. A leash backpack. A tether. Call it whatever you want. I have one and use it to keep my daughter safe. Let me set the scene... I closed the preschool door...

Five Things I love About Homeschooling and One Thing I Hate

Now that we’re a few months into homeschooling, we are starting to feel some rhythm to our days and I have really started to see the perks of this life. Here are the top...
child with a backpack skipping down the road

What Homeschooling Looks like in My Family

Friends often ask me, what does homeschooling look like for my family? I asked myself this question dozens of times before deciding to homeschool my son. I am still asking myself this question after making...

My Family’s Adventures Starting Homeschooling: From School to Home

Last month, we decided to pull our son out of public school in order to homeschool him, and everyone wants to know why. I’m guessing some people think there is a juicy story behind...
Vermont Wooden Blocks in use!

Vermont Wooden Blocks: The Absolute Coolest Blocks Ever!

{Disclaimer: We are working with Vermont Wooden Blocks to bring you this information. However, all opinions are our own!} Recently, the blog writers were given the opportunity to win a set of Vermont Wooden Blocks and I...
laundry, baskets, pile, dirty, clean

Minimalism and Me: How this Mom of Two is Fighting Clutter

Recently, we let some laundry pile up… okay, a lot of laundry. Like, four clean loads to fold and at least that many to wash.  I felt like there was laundry everywhere and the situation...
entertaining kids while flying

Travel Toys: How to Entertain Young Kids While Flying Across the Country

I recently had the pleasure of flying across the country with my 4.5-year-old son, M.J., and my 14-month-old daughter, C. I wasn't at all worried about the big kid. The 4-year-old was happy as a...