Ashley DiMercurio

Ashley was born and raised in Vermont and now lives in Colchester with her two children and husband. After getting married, she spent four years living outside DC to gain work and life experience, as well as perspective and a renewed love for her home state of Vermont. She is highly caffeinated and runs her own online reading tutoring business Your Reading Tutor and teaches ESOL online to students in China. She recently made the decision to homeschool and is loving the opportunity for a flexible learning environment for her kids. Her favorite things to do include making fairy houses with her kids, drinking coffee with her husband, and networking with other moms and entrepreneurs.

My Family’s Adventures Starting Homeschooling: From School to Home

Last month, we decided to pull our son out of public school in order to homeschool him, and everyone wants to know why. I’m guessing some people think there is a juicy story behind...
Vermont Wooden Blocks in use!

Vermont Wooden Blocks: The Absolute Coolest Blocks Ever!

{Disclaimer: We are working with Vermont Wooden Blocks to bring you this information. However, all opinions are our own!} Recently, the blog writers were given the opportunity to win a set of Vermont Wooden Blocks and I...
laundry, baskets, pile, dirty, clean

Minimalism and Me: How this Mom of Two is Fighting Clutter

Recently, we let some laundry pile up… okay, a lot of laundry. Like, four clean loads to fold and at least that many to wash.  I felt like there was laundry everywhere and the situation...
entertaining kids while flying

Travel Toys: How to Entertain Young Kids While Flying Across the Country

I recently had the pleasure of flying across the country with my 4.5-year-old son, M.J., and my 14-month-old daughter, C. I wasn't at all worried about the big kid. The 4-year-old was happy as a...

Moms Reflect on Parenting: No One Told Me THIS About Motherhood

I remember a conversation I had with someone before I. I said the entered the ranks of motherhood. I knew I'd be tired, I knew I'd be busy, and I knew life would be different...

My Exclusively Breastfed Baby and the Time I Needed a Wet Nurse

There's nothing I love more than seeing moms helping other moms. I can think of numerous times that another mom has eased my burden in some way. Whether it's the time a friend gave me...

Bullet Journals and the Creative and (Mostly) Organized Mom

Are you a list maker? Do you have lists of lists? Do you have sticky notes stuck all around? Half-used planners from years past? Do you ever stop conversations to write something down? Are...

Fall is the Best Time to Hike Vermont

We live in what I think is the most beautiful state in the country, and while there's never a bad time to hike in Vermont, there is just something extra special about hiking in...

We Regularly Talk About Divorce and You Should Too

Spoiler Alert- Sam and I are not getting a divorce. However, that doesn't mean we don't talk about divorce. Let me explain. Both of us come from families with divorce. We are also a couple that got...
postpartum depression

When Postpartum Depression Takes You By Surprise

If we're friends in real life, or you follow me on Facebook, you might be surprised to hear I have postpartum depression. I was surprised too. I don’t often feel “depressed” and wasn’t living the...

Preschooler Busy Bags for the Summer Months

This past school year, my preschooler was in school four mornings a week for about three hours each day. There were a lot of good things about that: he got scheduled time to play with...

How to Give Your Preschooler Medicine in 15 Easy Steps

If you're anything like me, you've probably had to deal with giving your kids a round or two of antibiotics for various childhood ailments.  It's definitely a less enjoyable part of parenting, but this...

Dinner Dilemma

Picture this- you’re sitting down to a holiday dinner with your family, both immediate and extended, and your willful toddler WILL NOT sit at the dinner table, let alone EAT his meal at the...

Welcoming Our Second Baby to the Family

I recently read a blog post about a mom who felt adding a second baby to her family was a breeze. Well, great... I immediately followed this thought with, “Well, what's wrong with me...