Beth Nolan

Beth is a contributing writer for BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. Originally from Virginia, Beth and her hubby moved to VT in 2007 and have been building their home nest since. A full-time mom to two amazing little men and two crazy dogs is her primary job these days. She tries her best to continue to maintain her roles as full-time wife and children's advocate for a nonprofit, while also finding a little "Beth" time on occasion. Many mornings, that means finishing a full cup of coffee uninterrupted. Life may be crazy most days, but in the most wonderful way.

Is more love possible with two?

Yes. When I was pregnant with my second son, Declan, I ran through all the typical questions that comes with having multiple children.  How will I manage two?  How will Aedan feel?  Is it really...

Walking Away

Daycare provides my boys with fun activities and stimulation while I'm working.  And most days when I feel guilty about leaving them and walking out of the door to a desk where I can...

On Being a Working Mom

For as long as I've been a contributing writer on this blog, I've wanted to talk about what it means to be a working mom.  I keep thinking of things that would be great...
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Wait Weight Baby

There are probably very few of us who are happy with our post baby bodies.  I know I'm certainly not feeling as good as I want to about the way I look.  And I...

The Sweet Side

We know that it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to feeding our families. When you are contending with picky eaters, time constraints, and sleep deprivation, meal planning...
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Falling in Love with Baby

These last four months of being a mom to two young boys has been a whirlwind.  In my last post I was just starting this new venture and was in a fog of love,...

The Painful Truth

Breastfeeding can be painful. Too often, consultants and doctors try to say otherwise. They tell you it isn't supposed to hurt. But I've known many women who've breastfed their babies and not one of them went...

Missing Aedan

People told us it would be an adjustment to have two children.  They told us it would be difficult and take time to get into the groove of things. But no one told me how...

All Births Count

We cannot help but to compare our experiences with other moms.  It seems that in so much of our everyday parenting, we tend to look outwards at others and then make a determination about...

The Open Plan

At my last doctor appointment, my OB asked what my birth plan was.  You see, last time I had this lovely, detailed, birth plan all printed out and in my bag ready to go. ...

Four Pounds and Thirteen Ounces of Surprise

Where my story starts is a bit of a question mark, to be perfectly honest.  I suppose that it would only make sense to begin with our son, Aedan, being sent to the NICU...

A “rare” week

I will apologize in advance.  There is a chance that this post might not make any sense.  I'm currently suffering from sleep deprivation.  No I do not have a newborn.  I have a 17...

Friendships in the Midst of Parenting

Before I became a parent, I heard on more than one occasion how difficult it was to maintain friendships once you have children.  You would watch in TV shows or hear from others that...

Boys, boys, boys

The build up is finally over.  This past week we found out the sex of baby number two... It's a boy! When I was pregnant with Aedan, most of my friends and family were convinced it...