I am a native Vermonter who left for a while to have adventures hitchhiking and riding freight trains. In 2008 I returned to my hometown to settle down and start a family. I live in rural Central Vermont with my husband, our three year old son, and our baby girl. We inhabit fifteen acres and a farmhouse that we remodeled ourselves. I have an undergraduate degree in English with a focus in creative writing and a M.Ed with a focus in K-6 Education. I'm currently a stay-at-home-mother and modern-day housewife. I write funny and sometimes serious stories about parenting on my blog This is Motherhood.

Taming the Tiger Mom

I keep making the same parenting mistake over and over I need desperately need to learn to stop. I need to teach myself to quit being such a "tiger mom" before I end up seriously...
mother monkey breastfeeding baby

Our Bodies Are Not Meant For Childbirth

Our bodies are meant for this. This innocent-sounding phrase is everywhere. You read it in novels. You hear the instructor in childbirth class repeat it again and again. And it’s all over on social media....
nursing cover on floor

Ditch the Nursing Cover While Breastfeeding!

Ladies, can we all just agree on something? It’s time to ditch the nursing cover! You know the ones I’m talking about; they look like a strange miniature apron. And they even come in different...

The Night Before the Very First Day of School

After you fell asleep tonight, I peaked into your room. You lay with your arms spread wide across your bed, your body impossibly long and lean. Watching you lie there in the semi-darkness, all...

7 Reasons Why Having A Step-Family Is Awesome

Recently, I have had some serious conversations with friends of mine whose marriages are ending.  These women have so much guilt about what their children are experiencing and what it might mean for them...
baby, stripes, headband

Please Stop Body-Shaming My Baby Girl

My baby girl is barely four months old, but she's already the size of a six month old. She weighs about eighteen pounds. At her last check up, she measured above the ninetieth percentile for both...
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A Letter to My Purple-Loving Boy

My Dear Little Boy, As you go out into the world, I have one wish for you: I hope that you always love the color purple.  When people ask you which color you like best,...