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Guest Blogger
Are you interested in being a guest blogger for BurlingtonVT Moms Blog? If you are a local mom (or have relevant information for local moms), we would love to hear your ideas! Please email us at contact (at) burlingtonvtmomsblog (dot) com.

The Schoolhouse – An Experiential, Interest-Based Education

{Disclaimer: We are working with The Schoolhouse Learning Center to bring you this post.}  As moms, we hope our kids grow up to be happy (or at least content) and successful (whatever that means for...

BVTMB Dads Take Over: Thoughts on Being a New Dad

Before I became a dad, I had an altogether different view on babies. I was definitely less tolerant of other people’s babies, that’s for sure. I remember going into restaurants and thinking that having...

Cooking with Kids: One Dad’s Life Lessons from the Kitchen

Cooking is one of my favorite activities to do with my children. People often seem surprised to know that my five-year-old can flip his own pancakes (under supervision, of course), and knows when something...
road trip

Five Kid-Friendly Day Trips from Vermont to Québec, Canada

Looking for some kid-friendly and fun day trips from Northern Vermont? Hop across the border into Canada! Let me hook you up with some of my favorite places and spaces that are just a...

A Sinking Ship: Is My Marriage Heading Towards Divorce?

My marriage is crumbling and it's like watching a car accident happen in slow motion. I don't know how, when, or what happened. About two months ago, things between us began feeling off. My...

Single Motherhood: My Life and Path to Becoming a Single Mom

There are some paths in life that you can choose, plan for and be prepared for, and then there are those paths that choose you whether you are ready and willing, or not.  They...

Welcome to Vermont. This is a Judgement-Free Zone

Welcome to rural Vermont. This is a judgement-free zone. There are no Saks 5th Avenue or Prada stores around the corner but instead, you’ll find a Mom and Pop store, a Farmer’s Market and you...

Nonprofit Spotlight: Kayla’s Directory

On a cool crisp fall day in 2012, I made my first ever trip to the Child Development Clinic. My son’s early intervention team who was working with him due to being born at...

Five Scenic, Stroller-Friendly Walks around Burlington

If you are like me, your baby loves to get outside but you can’t hit the hiking trails quite yet… so anywhere we go requires a stroller!    However, we’ve discovered several fun, stroller-friendly walks...

When We Feel Like We’re Drowning: How Cancer Changed My Perspective

Sometimes life grabs you by the nape of the neck, pins you up against a wall, taunts you to tears and jests at your utter frailty and vapid vulnerability: sometimes you feel like you’re...
Ginger B Coaching

How I Went From an Alcoholic to a Life Coach

{Disclaimer: We are working with Ginger B. Coaching to bring you this post.} Hi! My name is Ginger and I am an alcoholic. I remember the first time I uttered those words. May 22, 2000. I...

Suicide: Starting the Conversation Even Though It’s Hard

September was National Suicide Awareness month. I am going to level with you. I did not enjoy writing this piece. Suicide isn’t fun to write about, read about or even talk about, but the alternative-...
Carless and happy

The Surprising Perks of Being a Carless Mama

Walking down Pine St., singing to my son, who is happily watching everything from his perch on my back in his carrier. This cheery scene is a common one in my days caring for my...

Why Eight Has Been the Most Bittersweet Birthday

My eldest daughter turned eight last month. For me, it has been the most bittersweet birthday yet. Not because this birthday marked the end of another year of huge milestones; she's been reading on...