Jemima Talbot

Jemima is the co-owner of Vermont Mom. She is a feminist, a dedicated and adventurous home cook, a cut-throat Scrabble player, a barre sculpt enthusiast, and a single mom. She loves live music, playing outside- especially in the water, trying new restaurants, and pretending to be a pioneer. She has a Master's degree in Public Health and a professional background in sexual health and STDs. She is passionate about social justice and supports anti-racism work in all forms. Her August 2010 firecracker daughter is her guide, inspiration, and task-master.

Don’t Call Her Bossy

My firecracker of a nearly five year-old daughter can be a little directive. I don't know where she gets it. That's a joke. If you knew me, you'd be laughing. Possibly rolling on the floor,...

Ode to my Cat: Talking to Kids about Death

If dogs are man's best friends, then cats are woman's. I adopted Pumpkin from an animal shelter in Salem, MA right after buying my first house with my first husband. He was a symbol of our...

Father’s Day When Father is Gone

Father's Day. In my nearly five years of being a single mom, Father's Day has become a day I have learned to dread. What is there to celebrate when my daughter's father has decided not to father her,...

Colonoscopy: My Gastrointestinal Adventure

Dear friends, I have been sick. Not "sick and tired," but really, truly physically sick. It is hard for me to write and not give every single disgusting detail. This former Peace Corps Volunteer wants to overshare....

Motivation: How I Trick Myself into Exercising

In my last post, I spoke about my experience exercising while fat. I was delighted by the kind and supportive messages, questions, and comments I received. I noticed one question in particular came up frequently:...

Exercising While Fat

I never considered hiking, kickball, horseback riding, or swimming to be exercise. They were just things I did, as a kid, and how I had fun. As a teen, the fact that I never learned how...

What My “Defining Experience” Didn’t Teach Me

I look back at myself, age 35, married and pregnant, with a mixture of humor, compassion, and unabridged mocking. I was so arrogant, and naive. I was someone who had never had much interest...
mommy with newborn daughter

My life as a single mom

I spent most of my pre-parenthood life striving to advance my education, and my career. I fantasized about power suits, comfortable heels, and escaping from cubicle hell into my own private office. I was in...