Katie Miller

Katie is a native Vermonter from Castleton who now lives in Saint Albans with her husband, toddler, and baby, in an 1895 cape house that they are DIY renovating. She has a BFA in photography and a master's degree in arts administration and is the director of Inclusive Arts Vermont. Katie's passions in life are making sure all voices are heard, the arts, creemees, and pie. In her free time, she enjoys working on home renovations, photography, hand-lettering, cooking, and spending time with her family.
Viewed from above, natural objects and paint are laid out on paper.

Fun and Easy Fall Art Projects That Anyone Can Do

My husband and I are both artists and we really enjoy being creative with our daughter. Recently, we’ve had fun with some easy fall art projects. In my most recent post, I highlighted ways to...
A watercolor paint palette viewed from above

“But the Mess!” Making Art with Young Children

I recently polled friends and family on social media to ask their thoughts on creative projects with kids, and what keeps them from doing these projects with their young kids. Here’s what they said: ...
A wave crashes on itself.

Pregnancy Scares Me: Coping with Anxiety After Miscarriages

Content Warning: This story contains details related to anxiety after miscarriages. I am pregnant with my second child and am filled with doubt, fear, and anxiety. You might be asking yourself why, considering that it sounds...
Viewed from above, a toddler places a toy sheep in her mothers coffee.

Work From Home Mom: Six Tips for Making Work Happen with a Toddler

I am the Executive Director of a non-profit organization with an unusual set up: I split my time working from home and working from the office.  Like so many other families, when our child was...
A toddler is wearing a blue hat, swinging on a yellow swing. The chains and poles of the swing set frame her.

The Art of Taking Better Photos of Kids with a Cell Phone

I am a former wedding and portrait photographer with a dirty secret: I now take almost all of my photos with a cell phone.  My college degree is in photography, and for almost ten years...