Kayla Tornello

Kayla grew up in southeastern Ohio and met her Vermonter husband while in college. They now live in Essex Junction with their two children. Kayla is a stay-at-home mom to her son (born 2010) and her daughter (born 2011). She is also a church pianist/organist. Her hobbies include singing, reading, acting, and coming up with tasty ways to feed her family vegetables. She enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible.

No, I’m Not Being Productive While I’m Stuck at Home

I'm sick of people posting on social media about how we should all be productive and get so much stuff done while we're all stuck at home due to coronavirus. I just can't be productive...

When You’re Stuck at Home – Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

My kids get so bored when they are stuck at home. Unfortunately, getting stuck at home happens to everyone at times. Maybe it's a snow day home from school. Maybe one (or more!) people in...

Books to Read Aloud to Your Elementary School-Aged Children

My son's homework is to read books for 30 minutes a day. While he enjoys reading books, 30 minutes is a long time for him, especially when he is tired after a long day at...
valentine's day crafts

Non-Food Valentine’s Day Treats for School Celebrations

What non-food Valentine's Day treats can I send to school with my children? When I was in school, everyone gave out candy with their Valentine's Day cards. Most of the cards even came with candy,...

Relaxing Facial – A Fabulous Birthday Treat to Myself

I treated myself to a facial for my birthday this year. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by the facial because I had never visited a spa before. My beauty routine (if you could even...

Trying New Foods – My New Years Resolution for My Kids

My kids are not into trying new foods. When they were toddlers, I was able to get my kids to try new foods all the time. It was either because they didn't know better or...

Gingerbread Cookies – Finally Trying Out a Recipe that Intimidates Me

Gingerbread cookies are such a classic treat for the holidays. I have always loved eating gingerbread cookies, but I just bought mine from a store. Making them from scratch seemed like way too much work....
presents under a chirstmars tree

Christmas Overload – Drowning in the Holiday Season

I have loved Christmas since I was a child. As an adult, though, I'm experiencing Christmas overload. I am overwhelmed with all things Christmas. I want to enjoy the season and create some magical memories...
woman wearing glasses bites a pencil

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Understanding My Son’s Diagnosis

Most people are familiar with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. People picture kids who have ADHD as unable to focus on anything and constantly moving around. They imagine that doctors are quick to diagnose...

Natural Deodorant – Does it Really Work or is it just Hype?

I've always been interested in natural deodorant, but I never tried it because I was afraid it wouldn't work very well. This summer, I was forced to try natural deodorant. I developed an allergy to...

A Fun Fall Craft for Kids – Colorful Paper-Covered Pumpkins

It's time to make a fun fall craft with your kids! My kids love to decorate for the different holidays and seasons. Since I don't like to spend a lot of money on items that...

Fall Bucket List – Fun Activities for the Entire Family

Fall is here! Hooray! Fall is a lovely time of year. The weather is crisp and cool and the leaves turn into a magnificent rainbow of colors. Fall also brings many fun activities which are...

My Daughter’s Best Friend Moved Away- How We Coped

My daughter's best friend moved away. We knew for a while that this move was coming, but it still hit hard when it came. The girls met in kindergarten and were immediately best friends. They...

Flying with Kids – Do I Really Need to Pay for a Seat Assignment?

Flying with kids is complicated. One of the biggest concerns when flying with kids is seating on the plane. Do parents need to spend the extra money to purchase tickets with advanced reserve seating? Will...