Kelli Hier Pike

A born and raised Vermonter, Kelli got her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Vermont, then joined the Vermont Air National Guard, where she met her husband. After that, she got her Master’s Degree in Digital Forensic Science from Champlain College. She and her husband and bought a house in the woods with 30+ acres of land to raise their two kids (4 and 2), three dogs, two cats, six chickens, and three guinea hens. Kelli stays home with her kids and pets while running her own wood crafting business, Tabor Ridge Designs, during nap-times. Kelli occasionally writes for her own mom blog, Calm Collected Mom, because we can all dream. She doesn't always think of herself as a writer, but she often has conversations with people over similar life frustrations and wants everyone to know that they're not alone. Life is full of irritations and annoyances, but Kelli thinks that we’ll get through it with a great story to tell afterward!

Family Date Night: This Mom’s Recipe for Success

We finally did it. My husband and I ventured out of the house for dinner with our two toddlers for the first time in, well, I don’t remember how long, but it was a...

Moving Next Door:  Mom’s Five Lessons Learned

Have you seen the real estate market lately? It’s an awful time to buy, but a great time to sell! We had zero intentions of selling our home. It was our first and forever...
Summer goals

Summer Goals:  Five Ways This Mom Makes it Personal 

Hello, summer! It's not over yet! What are your summer goals for our remaining days of warmth? If you’re a parent, summer usually involves camp drops offs, childcare dilemmas, and hopefully squeezing in some...

Pandemic Playdate Tips from a Confused Mom

So, you want to have a playdate. The kids deserve it, why not? It’s been many long months of ‘stay home’, ‘stay away from others’, ‘don’t hug’, ‘don’t blow kisses’, etc, but now what?...
Indicators of Spring

Eight Indicators of Spring from a Seasoned Vermont Mom

As I sit here, sipping my lime White Claw and binging Girl Scout cookies after a rare smooth, and easy bedtime routine with my kids, I realize spring is finally coming! To some, that...
Procrastinating Mom: Do You Wait until Tomorrow Too?

Procrastinating Mom: Do You Wait until Tomorrow Too?

“Full disclosure. Every time I look at the Vermont Mom Contributing Writer’s checklist for what we have to do before submitting a post, I get overwhelmed. Simply because it’s new and I don’t want...
Finding Balance

Finding Balance in Stress: My Steps for the New Year

Let’s talk about stress. It’s my favorite topic lately. I’m pretty sure we all experience some level of stress and anxiety. And we all perceive and respond to that stress differently. The key is...
Free Range Kid

Table Manners: How We Raise Free-Range Kids

Growing up, my family's dining room table was a place for dad to store his work documents or a month’s worth of mail. I am the youngest of five, and before my time the...
My Forever Valentine: Celebrating Mom's Traditions

My Forever Valentine: Celebrating Mom’s Traditions

There appear to be three different kinds of Valentine’s Day people. You either love the day, despise the day, or if you're like my forever Valentine- you do it for the kids. Somewhere along the...
Potty training toddler tools

Potty Training Your Toddler: Lessons from the Field

Did you just get an overwhelming sense of anxiety? Fear? Frustration? Excitement? Did you hear the magical sound of money, not being spent? Or, did you forget about all those hours of potty training...

Hunting Season: The Hunter’s Spouse’s Survival Guide

I’ll preface this post by saying I’m brand new to figuring out how to survive my husband’s hunting season scene. We have owned our beautiful property for almost six years, and this is my husband’s...
toddler in a Vermont leaf pile

From Naptime Routine to Flexible Adventures

A long, long, long time ago (okay, maybe ten months ago,) both of my kids were in a fantastic daycare that had them on a set routine from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. They...

Diverse Political Opinions: the Importance of Respect

Yes, I said it. That dirty word starting with a “P”. Get your mind out of the gutter, I said dirty, not inappropriate. Politics. You have a right to formulate diverse political opinions based...