Lyndsay Landrey

Originally from Massachusetts, Lyndsay is a writer who calls Burlington, VT home. A science-fiction and fantasy enthusiast, she is the mother of a son whose imagination rivals her own. Lyndsay works to find the balance between her roles as a single mom, care coordinator, writer, and advocate. She holds a degree in journalism from MCLA. When she’s not playing magical make-believe or having dance-offs with her son, her other interests include: journaling, yoga, making healthy (hidden-veggie) meals, volunteering, and traveling when the stars align.
masculine presenting person holds transgender flag

Celebrating Pride with Our Kids in Burlington, Vermont

I am lucky to live in Burlington, Vermont where we have a vibrant LGBTQIA community. Not only do we celebrate Pride month in June with the rest of the world, but Vermont also has...

Joyful Milestones in Adaptive Lessons for Special Needs Children

Other moms of special needs children will know the heart-crushing feeling of seeing children the same age as your child accomplish milestones and know that your child is not in the same place or...