Raising my Boys to Show Respect and Consideration to Others

Teaching my boys to show respect and consideration to others was my takeaway after attending weekly story hour. Last year, I religiously attended a weekly story hour at my local library. My oldest, Jack, was just...
Age is a number

Age is Just a Number

I can remember the day my mom turned 40. I distinctly remember thinking that I never wanted to get that old. When I turned 20, I could not believe how close 30 seemed. Age,...
10 things for 2 under 2

10 Things I Would Never Tell Parents Entering the Two Toddler Club

As a result of being a member of the Two Toddler Club, I am in desperate need of a break. Do you live with two toddlers? Can you even imagine what it's like to be...
Family with no passports

Family Traveling Chronicles: When Mom Forgets the Passports

We, as a family of four, are flying to Florida in two weeks. Let’s quickly recap what our family of four looks like: Mom (28), Dad (31), Jack (2), and Joe (1). Did anyone notice the...
how not to wean

Breastfeeding Chronicles: I Keep Trying and Failing to Wean My Youngest

I am currently in the process of trying to wean my youngest and last baby. Let me clarify. I am currently planning to wean my youngest and last baby. This planning stage has been...
tired moms have meltdowns

Tired Moms Sometimes Have Meltdowns and That’s Perfectly Okay

I’m a mom and I’m feeling tired. Quickly realizing, after having kids, telling people you’re tired is redundant. Moms with kids get it, and women without kids just don’t. I no longer tell people I’m...
Hands Full

It’s Okay, You Can Tell Me I Have My Hands Full

It seems like many moms out there loathe the saying, “Looks like you have your hands full!” It appears that most of the time this saying comes from strangers while moms are out and about...

These Are Days I Will Remember: An Open Letter to My Boys.

These are days that I will remember for you. These are the days that I will recall many times while you are growing up. These are the days that will fill my memories, for these...

Learning to Navigate the Holiday Season as an Adult Child of Divorced Parents

My parents divorced when I was six. My parents lived in different states and splitting the holidays literally meant splitting each day in half. Halfway through Christmas Day, I was boarding a plane with...

Please, Stop Telling Me to Love My Body

I personally want the world to stop telling me to love my body. Spoiler alert: I don’t currently love my body. I do love my children that made my body this way. I do not,...
no more pregnancies in this uterus!

Coming to Terms with the Reality That My Uterus Is No Longer Accepting Tenants

I am no longer renting out my uterus to tiny humans. The two times I rented out the space, it brought periods of food cravings, stretch marks, and weird side effects. The first time I...