I moved to Vermont in 2008, in search of the perfect location to raise our growing family , and we have found our little slice of heaven in Jericho. My husband Clay and I have three kiddos, who are our world. I am currently a stay-at-home Mama, but I have my Masters in Nursing and plan to slowly re-enter the workforce part-time. In addition to our human kids, we have three dogs and four alpacas, who complete our clan. I love reading, writing and sharing parenting adventures with all these wonderful Vermont Mamas!

Family Life: 5 Tips to Finding Balance Between Chaos and Control

Family life is usually utter chaos, and finding balance is nearly impossible. Adulting while working (inside or outside the home), managing a home, and parenting/chauffeuring is darn near impossible. Honestly, trying to maintain order in...

The Advent Calendar Revisited: Bringing Goodwill Back into Focus

We are by no means a devoutly religious household, but my kids love the season of Advent. The 24 days or four Sundays leading up to the celebration of Christmas Day, or the birth...

Five “Delicious” Things My Toddler Ate Today

Like many parents, I strive to buy and prepare fresh, healthy local meals for my kids. Don’t get me wrong, there are still nights when a box of Annie’s, a hot dog (organic makes...

Lazy Mama’s DIY T-shirt Disinfecting Wipes

Do you have a natural artistic touch, whipping up Martha Stewart centerpieces and crafty Pinterest inspired ideas for your kids on a regular basis? If so, this is NOT the post for you. Though...
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No More Shame: Speaking up about my eating disorder

My name is Meghan and I am an anorexic in recovery. There it is, in print, for all to see. I feel ashamed to admit that I have suffered from an eating disorder for the...

Our Magniloquent Epistle

  We write a Christmas letter every year. It's a lovely tradition and gesture, but every year as we prepare to write it, I can't help but think two things: Our life is a bit depressing. Our...

‘Tis the Night Before Christmas

‘Tis the night before Christmas, but in our humble abode All of the creatures are vibrating, on Christmas overload. The stockings were…oh dear, let me see, I meant to hang them up, oh where can they be? The...
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What My Children Taught Me About Grief

Confession time: I am 36 years old, and I still struggle with the "appropriate" way to grieve. How can I expect to teach my children how to grieve, if I'm not even sure myself? Whether...

Making a “Tween Tote”: A Tangible Step in Easing the Transition to Middle School

August is here. The time to sort through clothes to figure out what fits and what doesn’t (not to mention what’s fashionable or “so last year”) and to make the annual back to school...
Many Hairstyles and Colors

50 Shades But Gray

I have always been a hair experimenter. It has been long and short, and nearly every color occurring in nature. I was not blessed with thick luscious locks, signature curls or even deep or alluring...
Screen Free Summer

Screen-Free Summer

  Last year, with only a few weeks left of the school year, growing tired from relentless inquiries to "watch a show," or the constant battles about how many minutes of screen-time remained, I hastily...
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The Top 5 “Mom Resolutions:” Why they never work, and simple solutions to succeed...

As Moms we resolve to make positive changes in our lives with the dawn of each New Year, always seeking to improve ourselves, our relationships and better our family and circumstances. Somehow however, every...

To My Child in the Shadows

I am a busy mother of three wonderful children, and like most mothers I strive to meet all their needs and show each of them the love and attention they deserve. Like most mothers,...

Chain of Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Craft for the Not-So-Crafty

Gratitude is a prevalent and important theme as we begin the month of November. But how do we involve our kids in this mindful celebration and introduce the concept of gratitude, a concept that...