Monique is a native New Englander; she lived in Northern New Hampshire all her life until moving to Saint Albans in 2005. She has two daughters: Audrey, born in 2007, and Cloe born in 2011. She graduated from the VTC nursing program in 2010 and has found her calling as the third-party reproduction coordinator at Northeastern Reproductive Medicine. She speaks French, English, and sarcasm fluently, and loves reading, hiking, and spending time with her family.
woman in a hospital bed with two newborn and men on either side of her.

Vermont Surrogacy Network: Helping Dreams of Family Come True

We all know that it takes a village to raise a child. But in some cases, it can take a village to even conceive a child. There are so many people who would love...

So You Got Your Child A Cell Phone. What Do You Do Next?

You got your child a cell phone. Congratulations! You’ve made a momentous decision that will impact multiple lives including those of individuals who you have never met. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy choice to...

Consent to Post: Asking Kids Permission to Share Information Online

I recently wrote a post about a pretty sensitive subject involving one of my kids. It occurred to me as I was writing it that the subject of my writing might feel a bit...

Mothering in Puberty: Making the Transition to Parenting a Young Woman

I am officially the mother of a young woman. She’s twelve, and we’ve been navigating the minefield of tweendom for a few years now. The last nine months, though, have been especially treacherous. My baby...

Social Media Hiatus: What I Learned During My Break

I recently took a social media hiatus from all of my accounts. Goodbye Facebook. Goodbye Instagram. Goodbye Pinterest.  The break wasn’t completely intentional, and the reason for it wasn’t entirely in my hands. I didn’t...

Poms and Ponytails: A Reluctant Cheer Mom Reflects

Yep. I’m a cheer mom. My vocabulary is now dominated by cheer moves. I walk in eight counts. My Pinterest feed is littered with cheer bows, inspirational photos, and YouTube videos of routines. I can...
Bullying 3

Bullying: One Mom’s Perspective on Helping Your Kids Cope

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. As many as 28% of all kids from 6th through 12th grade report having been bullied. This particular subject hits very close to home. My daughter coped with being...
Social Media 1

Social Media: Don’t Assume You Know Me by What I Post

I have a confession to make: my actual life looks nothing like my social media posts. I’m pretty sure yours doesn’t either. I’ve posted plenty of pictures of my daughters hugging and looking like...
Cool Mom 1

How I Embraced the Label of “Cool Mom”

I’m a cool mom. I know this because people who aren’t my kids tell me I am. Last fall, I walked with my daughters from their school to the park for the annual Veterans...
Summer Vacation 6

When Did Summer Vacation Get So Busy? A Mother’s Plea for Simpler Times

Ah, summer vacation. The days are long, the nights are warm, and there’s nothing but two solid months of rest and relaxation ahead for the kiddos… Record scratch. Freeze frame. Wait a second. That’s not...
Franklin County

Franklin County Dining: Coffee and Pastry Shops North of Burlington

Hi! I’m Mo, and I live in Saint Albans. And I’m Erica, from Fairfax. We’re a part of the BVTMB team, but we don’t live in Chittenden County. We live in Franklin County, and we love...
Podcast 1

Podcasts That Keep Me Sane While I’m Driving

I have done a lot of driving since the beginning of the year. A. LOT. If I were leasing my car, I would be well over the mileage limit for the next five years. It...
Elderly Parents 1

Caring for Older Parents: Things I Wish I Had Done Sooner

I was born to older parents. In the 70s, it was unusual for couples over 35 to start building their families. I’ve always grown up knowing that my parents would probably need longer-term care...
Sexuality Rainbow

Five Tips for Talking About Gender and Sexuality With Your Kids

My husband and I have always been pretty open with our daughters about their bodies and how they work. We talk a lot about the changes they can expect as they grow. My husband...