Morgan Fournier

Morgan was born and raised in Vermont. She graduated from Keene State College with her B.A. in Journalism. It wasn’t long after graduation that Morgan fell in love and married her husband Andrew. She is a proud mom to her sweet and sassy little girl named Hope who joined their family in August of 2016 and recently welcomed her second daughter Saige to her family in July of 2018. In her spare time, Morgan volunteers as the Outreach Coordinator for Emma’s Foundation for Canine Cancer in an effort to save our fur babies! When Morgan isn’t working or volunteering she and her family can be found anywhere you can cast a line in on Lake Champlain!
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Cheers to The New Year: A Happy Resolution Worth Repeating!

Ditching carbs and getting a good wine buzz are secondary to my New Year's resolution list. Achieving total happiness is at the top of my chart for the New Year and it's a happy...
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Mom Fails: Turning Epic Fails into Epic Wins.

It’s time to face the music, moms. None of us are flawless and this post is here to remind you that there’s no rule that says you have to be perfect. We’ve all had...

Pregnancy Pet Peeves: We’ve All Got ‘Em, Now Let’s Share ‘Em!

Let’s face it, we all have unavoidable annoyances that cross our paths from time to time and make us cringe, sweat a little and sometimes push us over the edge. There’s no doubt the...

Happy Mother’s Day: Here’s to you, Mom. I Couldn’t Do it Without You.

Since I became a mom, I’m finding that I need my mother now more than ever, and the meaning behind celebrating Mother’s Day has come to be that much sweeter.   Let’s face it, aside...

What Being a Dog Momma Taught Me about Being a Better Wife

This post goes out to the expectant momma who was at one time only a dog momma. Let’s face it, you probably knew you were going to be a crazy dog mom (or perhaps a...

Sibling or Mom? Tales from a Sister Mom

When I was growing up, I always thought I wanted something that all my friends had, that I felt I was missing out on; or so it seemed. As an only child, one of my...