Natanya Lara

Natanya Lara is an Energy Practitioner supporting both kids and adults to calm their minds and release stress and anxiety. She is certified in several Energy modalities, as well as being a certified Parenting Coach. Natanya envisions a world in which each person understands their own energy and emotions, and takes responsibility for how they show up and affect those around them. It is her belief that by teaching these skills to children, we take one step closer to that reality.
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Don’t Judge: Famous Last Words in Pandemic Parenting

“Be gentle with yourself.” “You’re doing the best you can in the circumstances.” “Don’t judge yourself!” These are all things I tell clients as they cope and struggle with the ways Covid-19 has impacted their lives and...
Did You Hear the One About... I'm Overwhelmed by My Covid Home Life

Did You Hear the One About… I’m Overwhelmed by My Covid Home Life

There’s an old Yiddish folk tale about a man who is feeling overwhelmed by his home life. As a single mom, I feel overwhelmed by my Covid home life. The man goes to see the...
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The Unexpected Sweetness of Teenage Boys

When my boys were small, a mom I didn’t know told me something I will never forget. I was in a knitting shop when she came in with her two teenage boys. They wandered around...

Love You to the Moon and Back – The Children’s Book that Shaped My...

When my boys were young, every time I read this sweet book to them I felt a bit of an excited thrill as I read the last line; how could the papa possibly top...

What I See From Here; Through the Eyes of a Solo Mom

From where I sit I see piles of folded laundry waiting to be put away. Mail on the counter. Library books (some overdue) towering on the table near the door. Shoes... So. Many. Shoes. Some matching one next to the other. Most strewn randomly across the...
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The Honest Truth Is: Sometimes I Need a Break from My Kids

I once told the story of my separation and divorce, and how, for the several years since then, my kids have gone away with their dad for a good chunk of each summer. The...

Moving with Kids, or How I Remembered to be Joyful

I’ve moved around a LOT in my life; back and forth between coasts, in between, and abroad. Until recently, I never stayed in one place for more than a year or two. The last time...
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The Value of a Chosen Family, and Why I Want One for My Kids

I remember making potato stamps on the kitchen floor; newspaper and paint everywhere. I remember a blue Volvo station wagon, the trunk full of art supplies. I remember fabric flowing from shoulders to ankles. And I remember...

How a Gratitude Practice Changed My Outlook from Overwhelm to Enjoyment

My separation and divorce were not a surprise. My ex-husband and I took our time with the process and worked it from every angle until the end was clear. But I was surprised on...