Stephanie Eiring

I am originally from New Hampshire, but after attending the University of Vermont and Vermont Law School I decided to make Vermont my permanent home. After school, I fell into dairy farming full time and I have never looked back! I met my husband, Craig while living in Burlington and now we live on our 10 acre homestead in Bakersfield with our one year old, Stella and three cows, eleven chickens and two dogs. I am a FAHM (farm at home mom) where I milk our cows, care for our chickens and other livestock and keep a large garden. I also relief milk for bigger dairy farms to earn a little extra for the family. I am happy to be sharing our homesteading life, my passion about local, organic foods and products, and how we are raising our daughter on the homestead- connected deeply to this beautiful Vermont land and a yesteryear way of living.
journey to self worth

My Journey to Finding Self Worth, Without a Paycheck

Ever since it was legal for me to work, I had a job and often times I had two. I always enjoyed working and have had so many jobs, I can't even count them...
Yogurt, Yogurt making

Recipes from the Homestead- Homemade Yogurt

Things are starting to get crazy here on the farm, spring is short in Vermont and we have a lot to do. Our overdue cow, Olivia, gave birth to the most beautiful heifer calf, who...

Waiting, waiting…

I keep running down to the barn every two hours. We are all awaiting the arrival of Sunrise Farm's newest baby, and she/he is "late". Late, lets talk about that term. Some of us as mamas can...

The Intervale Center

“The BVTMB team is thrilled to do a monthly series on local non-profit organizations in our community. Each month our team we will highlight a different non-profit with the hopes to educate and support all...

A Letter to my Homesteading Partner

"It is negative something below zero, and the lows are forecasted to be twenty below zero for the night. You came home from work early to do the afternoon chores and give water to...
Vegetables, Burlington Farmers Market

A Winter’s Farmers’ Market-Fresh Food and Fun in the Dead of Winter

In Vermont, we love our local food. You could say we are a whole bunch of localvores. Almost every community in Vermont has a summer farmers' market, and Vermont has the most farmers' markets per capita...
Gardening with your kids

Starting Seeds with Your Sprouts

Before we know it spring will be here. The cold will fade, the days will lengthen and the snow will melt (I know it's hard to believe right now as I type this and the...