Take back the Day Date.


When was the last time you went out on a date with your partner?

If you are like me you have to really think about it. Welcome to the club. Dating your partner after kids is hard. Gone are the days of spontaneous dinners out followed by romantic walks in the park under the moonlight. Ushered in are quick reservations perfectly timed between feeding the kids and bedtime lasting just long enough that the babysitter’s bill isn’t more than your dinner check.  It can get overwhelming.  We get overwhelmed and then… we just don’t do it.

day date 3

Personally I need time away with my spouse to recharge and reconnect.  Nighttime dates are lovely and often worth the fuss. However I’ve discovered a much easier way to date my husband. Going on a day date! Sure I’m not the first one to think of it. I’m sure other mommy bloggers have touched on this same subject, it’s not unique but man does it save my sanity.

Here, I’ve compiled my list of day dates that are not food based!


1} A Hike

Maybe there is Vermont peak that you used to climb before kids or one you want to try but the little legs in your family won’t keep up.  Drop the kids at school lace up you hiking boots and hit the trail.

2} Go see a movie

Now hear me out. I know one of the needs that I have on a date with my husband is the opportunity to talk and you can’t do that in a movie.  But! A movie gives you a chance to revisit a former interest and give you a conversation piece without paying for a baby sitter.

3}  Go skiing

Drop the kid at Preschool and hit the slopes.  Do a few runs and then enjoy a quiet lunch and hot toddy.

4} Go shopping

The holidays are coming and a trip to the mall is likely in order.  Let grandma watch the kids and go knock a few items off your gift list.

5} Take a nap

Close the blinds block out the sun and snuggle.  Don’t worry I’ll assume you are sleeping.

I know the world seems less crazy when I get to spend some uninterrupted time with my hubby.  Can’t we all use a little less crazy? Enjoy the day.


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