Where to Find Gently Used Children’s Items at Amazing Prices


When you are a parent or caregiver of any age child, finding the clothes to outfit your children and the toys or sports equipment to keep them happy can cost a lot of money. Fortunately, there are many wonderful places to find gently used children’s items in our area.

Second hand shopping

As many of us know, sometimes our children grow out of clothes before they even wear them. There’s also the issue of preferences, trends, and seasons so the perfectly good panda sweatshirt that one child wore may be in extreme disfavor when offered to the younger child.

Some gently used clothing can also be nearly new.  

If you are looking in Burlington, St. Albans, or even Brattleboro, Vermont is home to many amazing stores that carry clothing and equipment at discount prices. Even places like Goodwill can carry name brands such as Zutano if you look hard enough. Over the years, I have found amazing deals on gently used stuff for my kiddos! Here are some of my favorite places:

Goodwill, South Burlington

gently used

This Goodwill was built a few years ago and is a clean, lovely store. Aside from all of the usual stuff like stereo parts and books, they have a large children’s section full of gently, and not so gently used clothing. You have to dig through everything here and go more than once, but I have found some amazing pieces in this store including Zutano, L.L. Bean, and Tea Collection. Sometimes I will visit and find nothing, other times I will walk out with a bag of clothing. Especially if you are looking for infants, you will find some great things! Oh, and while you are there, check out the women’s clothing too. Brands such as J. Crew, Gap, and Columbia can be found.

Boho Baby, Colchester

gently used
Boho Baby is a consignment shop that sells clothing for children: newborn to 5t. It also carries other items such as diaper bags and toys. This store was opened with a mission, and that is to encourage people to reuse instead of creating the need for new stuff, perpetuating the cycle of consumerism. The epitome of shopping local, you will find new things here too, but they are all locally made or support
Fair Trade practices. Since Boho Baby focuses on certain brands, you may find anything from Mini Boden to Aiden and Anais.  

Dirt Chic, Burlington

gently used

Another local consignment shop, Dirt Chic was started by a local news reporter in a much smaller storefront before growing and moving to a larger space on lower Main Street. The larger size now accommodates everything from women’s clothing and accessories, to maternity and children’s wear. At this shop, brand doesn’t matter as long as the gently used clothes are clean and re-wearable. Many items are extremely affordable and can be re-consigned when you are done with them!

Scampers, Swanton

gently used

Located close to the Canadian border, Scampers sells much more than just gently used children’s clothes. You can find things such as strollers, jumpers, high chairs, bicycles, and play mats. Come with some time to look through everything, because you are sure to find some deals here!  

Twinklings, Burlington

gently used

Twinklings recently moved from a tiny storefront by the lake to share a space with Birth Journeys at the Train Station, 1 Main Street. Twinklings was started with a mission to donate all proceeds to support Handle with Love, a group that provides doula care for those who can not afford it. Twinklings carries a wide range of items in great condition and accepts donations of almost everything from breast pumps (I brought mine there to donate!) to pack and plays.  

Love It Twice, Brattleboro

gently used

While visiting my parents in southern Vermont, my mom mentioned that a new children’s resale store opened not that long ago. Let’s go! The woman who started Love it Twice did so by selling things out of her house before moving to this storefront near the river on Putney Road. Very similar to Once Upon a Child in Williston but on a smaller scale, this store sells new items such as backpacks and art supplies and gently used consigned children’s clothing. There is even a dollar rack, which is pretty big, located inside the store. Check the Facebook page for daily updates on the things that come in and are listed for sale.  

Lil’ Vermonters Consignment Sale, Essex Junction

gently used

Though not specifically a store, this consignment sale happens twice a year in different locations around the Burlington area. This year it will be held at the Champlain Valley Expo, as it has grown in size and need as the years have gone on. This sale is a busy one, and you can often find yourself waiting to get in, so either get their early bird tickets or go early to get a good spot in line. Expect there to be crowds since this is an extremely popular sale that can carry gently used clothing for children up to age 14, as well as books, toys, and other necessities, but you can find some amazing stuff at amazing prices and it is well worth it!

Once Upon a Child, Williston

gently used

No list of Vermont resale stores would be complete without this location. When my first son was born, it was a while before I discovered Once Upon a Child. I remember walking in the first time and being amazed at the amount of clothing they had for all ages! You can resell your own stuff here and they will give you cash the same day, but be aware that they are very discerning about what they accept and nothing with stains, pills, or tears will be accepted. What you will find here are gently used items in great condition, a lot of times with tags still on them. Clothes are displayed by season, and we have found many a great snow suit, winter jacket, and pairs of boots. They also display a great collection of Halloween costumes for resale!  

This is by no means an exhaustive list of places to find gently used children’s things.  

There are other places in our beautiful state to check out, including The Clutter Barn in Milton, Here We Grow in Bennington, Play it Again Sports in South Burlington, and  Junebug, in Middlebury, which is a non-profit resale shop.  No matter where you go in Vermont, you will find stores and events to buy things for your family at affordable prices.  

Where are your favorite places to find gently used children’s clothing and toys?


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