Get Your Sugar On: Our Top 5 Sugarhouses Around Burlington


It’s that time of year again…as the weather starts to warm a bit, the flowing sap reminds us that spring is not far off! Sugaring season is a great time to check out some of our local sugarhouses around the Burlington area and enjoy one of the wonders of Vermont. So pack up the family and head out for an afternoon of yummy treats and maple syrup fun!


Our Top 5 Sugarhouses Around Burlington

1. Palmer’s Sugarhouse

Palmer's Sugarhouse

This sugarhouse is a personal favorite of our family. We love all the delicious treats like sugar on snow, maple lattes, maple candies, doughnuts, etc. and they have live music, sleigh rides and great trails around the sugarhouse. You can check out the sugaring process while you down your yummy snacks, and it is easy to find as it is a short distance off of Highway 7 in Shelburne.

2. Poor Farm Sugar Works

Poor Farm Sugar Works

This sugarhouse in Colchester is another local favorite. It’s a traditional sugarhouse that boils with wood and uses pipelines and buckets. They are open on Saturday and Sundays from 11-4 and sell delicious goodies like sugar on snow, maple salsa, and maple butter.

3. Sugarhouse at Green Mountain Audubon Center

Audubon Sugarhouse

This sugarhouse located in the Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington is our destination tomorrow. This will be our first time visiting but we’ve heard great things about it. This is a sugarhouse that you can spend several hours at, as there are so many great trails and things to explore throughout the Audubon Center.

4. End O Road Maple Sugarhouse

End O Road Maple

This sugarhouse in Jericho is definitely off the beaten path. It’s a traditional Sugarhouse that boils with wood, so viewing the process here is really neat. They also have an area where kids can feed the lambs as well as those delicious treats we all love getting at a sugarhouse- sugar on snow, maple candies, etc.

5. Isham Family Farm

Isham Family Farm maple syrup

This popular year-a-round farm in Williston has everything from blueberries, to Christmas trees. And of course, maple syrup! They’ve been producing the stuff for over five generations, since 1871. Their open house is this weekend (Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23).  They will be open from 9-4pm both Saturday and Sunday and there will be donuts and maple cream, maple syrup, coffee, sap coffee and maple cream for sale.

What are your favorite Sugarhouses??


  1. My dad and I go to the Maple Sugar Open House every year and our favorite sugarhouse that we visit every year is Poor Farm Sugar House. We think their syrup and maple candy is the best that we’ve had.

  2. Last year I went through a list and picked three sugar houses to visit and decided then we would make a yearly tradition of it. We are heading lout tomorrow and can’t wait. Last year we hit End of the Road Sugar House and it was one of our favorite’s! They let you feed the sheep with donuts! 🙂


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