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{Disclaimer: We have partnered with Pure Barre to bring you this information. However, the opinions here are all Maggie’s!}

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When I first walked into Pure Barre on January 4th, 2015 I had no idea how much it would change my life.

I had received their Pre-Opening 5 week Unlimited Class Pass as a gift from friends after the birth of a child. I’m a huge group fitness fanatic and I was worried about getting back into shape after my third pregnancy so this was the all-time best gift a group of friends could give! Six weeks postpartum and I was ready to roll….er LTB (lift tone burn) my way back into shape.

I still remember the big smile on owner, Anna-Bridgette Shorten‘s face as I entered the warm studio from the blustery, coldness of winter in January. “Welcome to Pure Barre!” Anna-Bridgette showed me and my friends where we could pick up our ball, weights and tube and then ushered us through the french doors into the carpeted workout space. Ballet barres lined the four walls, three of which were mirrored and my friends and I settled ourselves back into the far right corner where we hoped our mushy, out of shape bodies would blend into the stack of red, squishy mats.

When the warm-up began I thought I might be in some weird 80’s aerobic class. The instructor walked back and forth encouraging us to lift our knees to our chest as if we were doing a standing crunch while Plankwe extended our arms and pulled them down simultaneously. My heart rate started to rise and I tried to stifle the giggles erupting from my gut. It felt so silly and I wondered if this was actually going to be hard at all. We then laid down on our backs where we began a series of core-warming exercises all culminating in the first big “push” of class; some version of a 90 second plank and this is where I began to feel like this was the hardest thing I have ever done!! I could not for the life of me keep my knees off of the ground for those 90 seconds-Are you kidding me? Thank the sweet Lord I was crammed in the corner-Was anyone looking at me? I couldn’t tell cause I was focusing so hard on what I was doing. Tuck my pelvis while I’m in this plank? How does one even…..

Then the teacher kneeled down and laid a gentle hand on my back, instructing me on what I should be doing. Oh! That’s better. LTB.

As I continued to tuck, squeeze, and lift my way through class, I began to understand a little more what the goals were here. Tiny movemenPure Barre Collagets, slight bends, squeezes and lifts. “Think higher and tighter!” LTB. We spent time working on our arms and backs using the weights (I’m talking 2-3 pounders) and finishing with a stretch of the arms-which felt amazing after all those tiny bends and squeezes! Then we moved to the barre where the instructor led us in a series focusing on our thighs-then butts-then a long series of abdominal workouts. Little up, little back, tuck right, tuck left. It’s a whole new language that you learn in order to target the individual muscles that make your body strong, long and lean.

The instructor demonstrates what to do and then glides around the room giving personal instruction and detail to individuals. It’s almost like you get a group fitness class and a personal trainer at the same time! All the while the instructor never loses count, “Last ten, make them your best, 8, 9, and 10…”

You pulse to the beat of the music as your legs shake with exhaustion. “Shaking is changing” they say. Yeah right, you think (but really, truly! You will see change).

This workout is hard. Don’t get me wrong. But anyone can get through it.  (Pro-tip: Sometimes, swearing at the teacher in your head helps you get through it!) No one is expected to maintain every movement in their first class. But that is one of the things that I love about this workout. You can immediately see progress. By your second class you can hold the weights for a little bit longer or squeeze your buns a few more times. You can feel the difference and how the exercises are changing your body. Ten classes. That’s how many classes you have to go to start to see an actual change in your body. That’s it. You will see definition in your shoulders, you will sit up straighter, you will feel the power in your legs, your Pure Barre ledge will begin to be visible. It takes commitment, just like any new work out Pure Barre Collageplan. Make a goal to go at least 3 times per week and if you do not notice a change in your body after 10 classes, then I promise to do a 90 second plank in your honor.

Mamas, listen up!! This is the BEST post-baby workout I have EVER done.

And I had three babies, so I’ve had some practice! The focus on the tiny muscle movements seems to zip your gut back up. It tightens up your abs and lifts your buns off of the back of your thighs. In general, after pregnancy I felt that all of my body parts had moved slightly south. Heading to the barre seemed to reverse that effect. The studio itself is easy to get in and out of so there is no trying to navigate a great big gym or searching for a parking spot. You’re in, you’re out and you are back to your kids in under 1 1/2 hours. Driving into class you’ll notice that your shoulders sit back a little more and your back is a little straighter-Anyone who has held a baby 24/7 knows what a feat this is!

Additionally, they have a great New Baby Special which is a 3 month Unlimited Membership for only $375.

When you finally reach the end of class and are lying on your back with the lights low and the music soft. You will feel amazing because you just completed one of the hardest workouts of your life! You will stretch out your muscles, breath slowly and then give yourself and everyone around you a round of applause for a great class! You will look around and think, Holy Sh**-Did you see what I just did? LTB, baby! And then you’ll be back, because you know that a workout this hard has got to work!

When my unlimited 5 weeks were up, I couldn’t imagine a life without Barre. So I bit the bullet and signed up for a year long membership. It’s the best value and you can sign up for monthly EBT so you don’t have to pay all at once. I don’t regret it at all. In March, if  you join as a new member for just $99 you can participate in the Pure Madness Challenge-a competition to see which studio, nationwide can get the most members to attend class at least 20 out of 31 days. There are prizes for each participant who meets this challenge!

Pure Barre Madness Challenge
Photo Courtesy of Pure Barre

You know you want to LTB with me. Will I see you at the Barre?

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