Mandy’s Mommy Makeover Reveal


A couple of weeks ago we had our Mommy Makeover winner experience a day of pampering!  Today, our winner Mandy shares with us all the details of how it went and we reveal her new look!

My name is Mandy. I’m a 33 year old single mother of 3 wonderful boys ages 7, 10, and 10 months. My worlds revolves around them. I am very lucky to have them. They are a joy to raise and definitely keep me on my toes. I am current attending as well as starting volunteer work at the VNA family room furring the week with my little guy as well as starting part time work in the near future. I enjoy reading, writing, and learning new things. I would say my style is comfy casual with a little bit of makeup and earring bling. Between running a household and raising three boys, I don’t have much time for myself. I shop clearance racks and usually have a lot of luck finding nice things. I don’t usually do manicures or pedicures. I feel lucky when I get a shower in three times a week. I have always kept my hair long straight, and the same color, as I don’t have the time or money to keep up with coloring, highlights, or special cuts. I am excited for this makeover/spa day. I have never had a facial before and it has been 15 months since my last haircut. And the added bonus of a free prepared dinner and a day to myself. Which hasn’t happened since before my youngest son was born. I am very excited and appreciative.

before Mandy

Mini Spa VT

Mandy’s first stop was at MiniSpa VT to begin her day of pampering.

Her first treatment was the SOS Facial…her first facial ever!  This involves a double cleanse, exfoliation, and a mask with serums picked out for her skin’s specific needs.  After giving her face a little tender loving care, it was time for her hands to have their time in the spotlight.  With the MiniSpa Deluxe Manicure, Mandy soaked her fingers in a bath of almond milk to soften the skin.  After that her hands were exfoliated with an almond sugar scrub and finished off with an almond cuticle treatment.  To seal in all of that moisture the technician finished the whole thing off with a paraffin wax dip. Heaven!

I had my first ever facial from a very nice woman named Jordie who has a young son of her own. It was amazing and refreshing. My face looked clear, bright, and wonderful afterward. I have been missing out. She was also nice enough to talk to me about my personal skin care needs and recommend some products. I then received a manicure from Emily. It was nice to chat with her about school and her two boys. She did an amazing job and my nails looked so great that it made me really want to stop the bad habit of biting them. I also received a little goodie bag to take home. It was a great experience and I plan on going back.

mini spa collage

Indigo Salon

Next up was Indigo Salon for the rest of her pampering.  Emma did Lilli’s hair and makeup.  Emma chose a dark, rich tone for Mandy’s color and kept her length. The results are stunning and Mandy says she is receiving rave reviews! They also played with Mandy’s makeup and got her to try some new shades and an overall new look!

I met Emma, my stylist. She was very sweet and also has a young child of her own. She picked a great color for my hair. It looks awesome. I love it. It’s dark and shiny and I have gotten rave reviews. She also did a shampoo and cut and then I was lucky enough to have my makeup done by her as well. She picked a great greenish color for my eyes. I really liked it. It went great with my eye color. It was something new and made me think about switching up from my normal gold. I picked a bright plum lipstick. We both agreed that once on it was a bit bright and overwhelming. But it was fun just to get to try out a new look. I was extremely satisfied with her makeover. She did a great job.

mandy after



Skinny Pancake

To end her fabulous day, Mandy had the chance to head to Skinny Pancake for a dinner for two! She invited her sister along to enjoy the meal with her and Mandy loved her first ever Skinny Pancake experience!

It was also my first time eating there. The staff was so nice and congratulated me on winning. The food was yummy. I invited my sister along for the dinner for two. She has an active little boy and is due in May with a little girl. So she definitely deserved a mom’s night out as well. We both ordered cheeseburgers and black tortilla chips. The burgers were fresh, juicy, and cooked to perfection. Delicious. I highly recommend checking them out, great food choices and a friendly laid back atmosphere.


Thank you again to Mini Spa VT, Indigo Salon, and Skinny Pancake!  We could not have made any of this happen without your continued support.  Stay tuned as another Mommy Makeover is coming your way in in a few months! 


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