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Even if we are the best prepared, most organized and efficient person in the world (we all are, right?), sometimes we are all guilty of one thing – being human.

We’ve all had our moments; ones that are absolutely amazing and others that are, well, not our best. But the great thing is that we can all say “we’ve been there” and share our loving, relatable and sometimes downright hilarious Mommy moments.

Burlington Hyundai asked a couple of their Moms to share their favorite Mom Confessions and we asked our team for theirs as well. So here they are! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have, and we’d love to hear about your own mom confessionals, so please share in the comments!

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“On my son’s third birthday I made these amazing Disney/Pixar car-themed cupcakes that I was ridiculously proud of and he wanted to bring them into his preschool. So we went out to the garage, and because now that he was three, he wanted to put himself in his seat and buckle himself up. I thought sure…but I wanted to watch and be able to assist if needed. I put the cupcakes on the top of the car and watched with happiness as my baby was a big boy 😉 then I hopped into the passenger seat, my husband and I pulled out of the driveway, we began to drive down the street and OMG… the cupcakes!!!!!! Thankfully they were still happily in their container.” -Diana

“My son, Kegan must have been about 3 years old and as luck would have it he ended up getting the stomach virus going around at the time. Unfortunately, the doctor deemed it the fiveletter word that every parent hates, “virus.” At the doctor Kegan, of course, wanted two stickers not one, so once I calmed him down from his fit, I secured him in his car seat and off we went. Less than five minutes into our thirty-minute drive he started vomiting again. So I did the only thing a good mother could do in order to lessen the likelihood of him choking or having it go all over him – I reached back and grabbed his coat and pulled his upper body forward. You got it… over and over again, all over my arm for the rest of the drive home! All I could do was sing a song I made up about hot oatmeal so I wouldn’t get sick myself. I believe the lines were ‘I love oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal. It’s just oatmeal, just oatmeal on my arm.’ or something like that. ” -Jennifer

“I keep the carseats in the car at all times so the crumbs don’t escape.”

“I’ve pumped with a hands-free nursing bra while driving!”

“I’ve done full makeup in the car; run into the pharmacy for tights and put them on in the car; eat full meals; store a ridiculous amount of random things in there- workout gear, sports chairs for the hundreds of side lines we sit on at kids games; emergency kit; blankets; change of clothes, shoes… And then there is the kids! I’m always finding food wrappers, school books, forgotten water bottles and lunch bags… Many pens and pencils…  I’m pretty sure I could live out of the car for at least a few days if needed. I really need to clean my car; true confession!”

“When my children were young and all sat in the backseat, I used the floor of the passenger seat as the receptacle for my Diet Coke cans, plastic bottles and crumpled up Snyder Nibbler pretzel bags. Every now and again I’d haul it out and start again.”

“I caught 4 mice in my car in 3 days and flicked a mouse turd off the seats rather than vacuum bc we were late to dance practice. I then heard that dryer sheets helped keep mice away so I stuffed tons of them all over my car. The entire car smelled like a dryer sheet and when id open the door or the glove compartment crumpled dryer sheets would always pop out.”

“When my boys were babies and we were on road trips I would get up on my knees and hover over them to nurse them so we didn’t have to stop. I gave many truck drivers something to wonder about!”

“My kids are really into Taylor Swift right now-so I sing along (at top volume) and dance with them while driving. Also they think my car is a garbage can so they actually throw garbage on the floor….I do try to pick it up and teach them this is not the case, but sometimes it seems futile.”

“The other day I was trying to get a toy that fell under the drivers seat. While reaching under there I found a bottle… I had no idea how long it had been under there. Based on the condition I didn’t even dare open it, it went straight to the trash!”

“Yes to hover nursing! I have crawled into the back seat from the front to sit between my two boys, and lean over the baby to nurse him while my husband was driving. I once also ate a piece of pizza with my left hand while nursing with my right boob. I almost wish I had a photo of that one!”

“I practice singing my choir songs, many of which are in foreign languages. At some point, I usually hear “Mommy, stop singing!” from the backseat, but I just sing louder.”

“Make my kid listen to vpr. When she insists on listening to music, I sometimes put headphones on and listen to my podcasts. Lots of garbage. So much so that my 5-year-old says I need to clean.”

“Last spring I found a baby mouse IN MY CAR. My car is like a traveling garbage can; it is not, and can never be, a traveling zoo.”

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