Silver Linings of the Stomach Bug


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It was my first completely free weekend in a long time, and I had grand plans. I was going to go for a run on Saturday and Sunday. We were planning a family adventure to a local sugar shack to celebrate the Vermont Maple open house weekend.  Also, I was going to clean the entire house from top to bottom. Well, okay. I was going to dream about cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Those plans were quickly dashed when I got a call from daycare Friday afternoon. My daughter had just eaten her lunch, and then promptly thrown it all up. I went to pick her up along with her brother and brought them both home. My daughter continued to empty her stomach every hour on the hour. My son joined her around 9:30 that night.

So, instead of a mind-clearing morning run, or a fun family adventure, we were resigned to snuggles, crackers, and a lot of laundry.

Our family of four piled into our king sized bed, joined by our three dogs of course, and we spent two full days cuddling, napping, and watching more Netflix than I ever thought possible.

While it broke our hearts to see our kids so down and out, I have to say that our weekend nursing our children back to health came with a few silver linings.

The Snuggles

The snuggling was epic. Our children hadn’t indulged us in that much snuggling in months! We soaked up every single cuddle session.

Quality Family Time

It wasn’t the family adventure we had planned, but after spending two full days in bed with my three favorite people, I realized we hadn’t spent that much time together as a single unit in a while. While we weren’t doing anything particularly fun, we were together and it felt nice.


We don’t often get the chance to have downtime, and even when we do we tend to feel lazy if we lay around watching television. Two days of “forced” downtime felt almost luxurious. I even indulged in a few naps with the kids.

If you’re wondering if we managed to avoid the stomach bug, I’m sorry to say we did not. Exactly one day after both kids were back up and running at 100%, it got us!

How do you make the best of sick time with your children?



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