Simple Comfort Food – Oyster Stew


simple comfort food oyster stew

Something about eating oyster stew during and around the holiday season is so comforting to me.

I usually start to crave it a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and usually end up making several batches between November and January. You only need 15 minutes and a few ingredients to make this filling, tasty stew.

Costco has oysters for $7.99 right now. This recipe uses 1 pt and can be easily halved or doubled if needed.


Start by melting your butter in a saucepan. I use approximately 3-4 tablespoons per pint. This is a RICH stew and does not taste good watered down, so try not to skimp on the butter.


Next, add all your oysters and ALL the oyster liquor (which is the liquid that comes with the oysters). The oyster liquor is what makes the stew. Please, for the love of all things delicious, do not drain or discard it!

Simmer until the oysters’ edges start to curl.


Add your half and half and milk. The liquids should equal around 4 cups. I do a combo of 60% milk and 40% half and half, but you can play with this depending on how rich you want your stew.


Lastly, generously salt and pepper to taste.

I almost always have my stew with oyster crackers but I was out the last time I made it. However, my saltine broke into a perfect little Vermont shape which tasted just as delicious.


Serve immediately and enjoy!

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