My Top Five… Eyeshadow Brushes


top five eyeshadow brushes


As a makeup artist, I feel that brushes are essential for flawless makeup application, especially to achieve that perfect smoky eye or an easy, everyday wash of color. These are my top favorite eye shadow brushes that will help you to create a multitude of looks!

I have named these myself but many companies use different names for their brushes. Just look at the shape and density of the brush to determine if it will be right for the job!


large shadow brush

This brush is perfect for sweeping on one color all over the lid. It is dense enough to place eye shadow without a ton of fallout (basically eye shadow dust that falls on your lower lashes/cheeks), and just fluffy enough when turned on its side to blend that color out. As the name implies, this is a large brush, not for doing detail work. Great for those days when you want some color but not a lot of work.

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detail brush

The detail brush is perfect for smudging out eye shadow along your bottom lash line, blending out imperfect liner, or giving your inner tear duct area a concentrated highlight. You could also choose an angled detail brush to apply gel liner.

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crease brush

The crease brush is great for building up darker colors in your crease area. Its dense, small shape helps to concentrate the color in one spot without letting it spread too far during blending. It fits perfectly in your orbital bone area to create smoky diffused looks. Blend back and forth in a windshield wiper  or in small circular motions for best results.

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c shaped

The C-shaped shader brush will help you pack on concentrated eye shadow on your lid. It also fits nicely under your eyebrow area to give a nice highlight or blend out any harsh lines from your crease. It’s short dense bristles will give you lots of color payoff, not a sheer wash of color, so use with a light hand.

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blending brush

Lastly, my favorite, the blending brush. This is the brush that will really blend out all your colors, erase harsh lines, and help you to create the perfect smoky eye. Use it clean to blend out your eye shadow or pick up a small amount of color to blend out any lines and create transition to another color.

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Let me know if your favorite kind of brushes made the list or if not, what did I miss?

As always,

Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful! 


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