Evolution of a Vacation


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Every summer we pack up and go to Maine for a week-long vacation with friends. We stay at their family camp which is set over a mile into the woods on a tranquil lake.

This year will be our tenth voyage to the land of lobster and lake, and this sentiment got me thinking about our vacation tradition. While our vacation destination hasn’t changed, the way in which we spend our vacation has evolved completely.

I attribute this change to…wait for it…our children.

That’s right! What used to excite me about our summer vacation has changed over time, and priorities have shifted now that we vacation as two families of four. Here is how our vacation priorities have evolved over the years.

Vacation Priorities – Then

  1. Laying in the sun and getting a tan
  2. Happy hour (at all hours)
  3. Reading gossip magazines page for page
  4. Sleeping in until least 9am
  5. Dining out, shopping, and partaking in touristy activities

Vacation Priorities – Now

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen
  2. Photographing our kids in the sand, in the water, and everywhere!
  3. Reading – a real book! And, also gossip magazines
  4. Sleeping in until at least 7am
  5. Choosing more kid friendly outings, and using our time at camp to relax and recharge

lake, children, bench

Looking back, our vacations were always fun, but now with the inclusion of our children they are even more special and memorable. Just like our lives, our vacations have been enriched by the addition of our children.

Are you embarking on a summer vacation this year? Where are you going and what are you most looking forward to?



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