Pregnancy Guide Sponsor Spotlight: Evolution Prenatal and Family Yoga Center


{Disclaimer: We have worked with Evolution Prenatal and Family Yoga Center to bring you this information.}

Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center is dedicated to the well-being of pregnant mothers, couples and families through prenatal & postnatal yoga, childbirth education classes, doula support and kids yoga for babies to teens. Owner Susan Cline Lucey and the team at Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center hold at their core a belief that it takes a village to raise a family and offer support, friendship, and physical and emotional wellness within their studio doors.prenatal_vertical

Susan started as a yoga and dance instructor in Brooklyn NY and moved to Burlington in 2004. She started teaching kids and adult yoga as soon as she could and had her first son in 2005. She ambitiously started Evolution Yoga with a friend that same year  and has been offering a full program of kids yoga ever since. In 2015 Evolution Yoga separated into 2 different businesses (hence the birth of Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center as it’s own entity) so that Susan could focus 100% on prenatal, postnatal, and children’s yoga. Susan loves what she does and has a strong, amazing team of teachers who are so passionate about what they do.

Evolution yoga offers classes for kids from birth all the way up to the teens. Little yogi’s will learn to use their bodies to calm down, self-regulate, and celebrate life with joy and an open heart. The kids will do different yoga poses while learning about their bodies, jumping, singing, laughing and hugging!YoGirlstots-on-the-movekids-poster-spring-2016Peeking-down-dog

You would be surprised at the variety of classes that Evolution Yoga has to offer including Nature Family Yoga (a family class that takes place outside in a park), YoGirls for ages 6-10, and YoBoys for ages 6-10. Kids Spring classes start April 2nd so now is the time to check out all that Evolution Prenatal & Family Yoga Center has to offer! You won’t regret creating a little yogi of your own!

Susan takes pride that Evolution Yoga has become a full circle community of relationships. For moms looking to after giving birth, with their babies after giving birth, or with their older kids all while making their own relationships and time for themselves at class.


There is a separate lobby space just for lounging and playing either before or after a class. “Going to yoga” can be a few hours long process if you want it to include playtime with other kids, chatting with other moms, or having time to just lounge while your child plays. Evolution Yoga is an all-encompassing experience full of joy and open-heartedness.


Check out the new Spring Schedule and find a class that works for you and your family, and tell them we sent you!

*Thanks to Evolution Prenatal and Family Yoga Center for sponsoring our Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Guide!


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